About us

The WEP is a non for profit association (under the Belgian legislation) based in Brussels that looks to bring like-minded organisations of women entrepreneurs or women in business, together to exchange best practices and information, keeping both national and European associations of women entrepreneurs abreast of happenings at EU level.
The Platform is engaged in promoting female entrepreneurship on the EU scene and in front of the EU institutions, and will be the first point of contact for policy makers, politicians and stakeholders willing to press the issue further.


The Board is composed by the Chairwoman, the Vice Chairwoman and the Treasurer among its Members. It is elected by the General Assembly for duration of one year and their mandate is renewable. The Board is responsible for functioning of the association and prepares the decisions of the General Assembly.



IMG_1751 (1)Grazia has been an Entrepreneur Ambassador with Women Ambassadors Italy (WAI), a DG Industry Program of the European Commission and is a highly respected member of Business Entrepreneurship Women in Network (BE-WIN). This is a Network of Italian Mentors composed by 31 successful and experienced entrepreneurs from various sectors; the vast majority of them are Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, giving continuity to the action in support of female entrepreneurship. In September 2013, Grazia was amongst the Promoters of Women Entrepreneurship Portal Offices in Brussels. Since December 2011 she has been amongst the recognized European mentors with the Mentoring network program created by DG Industry to enforce the actions of promoting female entrepreneurship that started with the creation of the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors in 2009. In the same year, Grazia was one of the promoters of INTERCULTURAL EURO-MEDITERRANEAN CENTER for UNESCO, Head Offices in Greece, with a mandate to promote Cultural Cooperation among people in the Mediterranean areas.; together with other leading women Grazia created " WE " association to promote the follow up on the young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas through activities of scouting , business development and funds . Grazia is the sole administrator of Orchidea s.r.l., a movie and television production company promoting young talents. Her first Film, "Cobalt Blue Night" distributed in Italy, received a Platinum Award in Houston.


Isabel RaventósIsabel is a multimedia executive with 20+ year’s experience in developing and operating broadcasting/content production companies with audiences in 150+ countries across Europe, Latin America, and US. She is a lawyer, journalist, and international media consultant. She holds a Ms. of Science in Broadcasting, Boston University, and Ms. of Law and Diplomacy, at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts/Harvard University). She worked as Deputy Director of RTVE, Director of New Programs of Telecinco Group, and COO of Endemol Spain, and Latinoamerica. She started her own communications and production media company, Atomis Media, where she develops multiplatform and transmedia projects. She is member of the Board of Spanish Television Producers Association, and founder member of the Spanish Academy of Sciences of Television of Spain. She is member of PWN Madrid, Spain, http://www.pwnglobal.net/madrid where she is in charge of initiatives regarding innovation, technology, and women entrepreneurship.


CHARLENE.LAMBERTCharlene is an international marketing and business development specialist, educator, and trainer based in The Netherlands. As Treasurer of WEP, and Vice Chairman of the Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII)(www.womensbusinessinitiative.net) in the Netherlands, Charlene actively works to support the development and expansion of women-owned businesses in Europe. She has recently launched an entrepreneurship training program with the WBII to give women the tools to explore the possibility of starting their own businesses. Through MLMC International Marketing, Charlene provides market research and business development support to international clients.