Manifesto of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform

  The Women Entrepreneurship Platform wants to rise against the barriers to women entrepreneurship by advocating for measures meant to promote women’s entrepreneurship and to improve access to finance, education, innovation, government policies and networks. Action is needed because encourage women’s entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve economic, financial and social impact and is a step towards gender equality.   We commit to: ◊ Promote women’s entrepreneurship by promoting financial investment in women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship as a career choice; ◊ Promote the spirit of entrepreneurship from the youngest age by encouraging entrepreneurship education of girls and vocational training for women; ◊ Increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs on the European scene; ◊ Present as a discussion partner towards the European Union institutions; ◊ Contribute to a change and an improvement in European policies in all the issues linked with female entrepreneurship, in particular regarding the Five Pillars (education, innovation, access to finance, government policies and networks) ◊ Exchange information and good practices about national policies concerning female entrepreneurship and gender mainstreaming; ◊ Sensitize relevant stakeholders to the social issues women entrepreneurs have to face in Europe, such as the balance between work and family life and a decent work environment for self-employed mothers; ◊ Collect and share reliable data and statistics concerning female entrepreneurship in Europe and women’s empowerment in the context of work, employment and entrepreneurship; ◊ Share and spread information, materials and examples of good practices and case studies about women’s entrepreneurship strategies, as well as successful businesses, role models and sustainable growth businesses; ◊ Challenge gender and cultural stereotypes, lack of empowerment and fear of failure, holding back women and girls from choosing the path of entrepreneurship; ◊ Cooperate with already existing European networks and platforms of women entrepreneurs; ◊ Encourage women entrepreneurs’ associations to network across Europe and build links in the entrepreneurial ecosystem; ◊ Encourage the achievements and potential of women entrepreneurs of any origins and social background; ◊ Encourage the dissemination of role models. ◊ Support every EU initiative on women’s entrepreneurship.