Founding members

  • Afaemme

    Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME)The Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) is a federation of businesswomen associations launched in 2002 in Barcelona (Spain) and which currently comprises 41 member organisations from 22 Mediterranean countries. AFAEMME is a coordinator of European and Mediterranean business and gender equality projects and ground-breaking research, as well as a networking platform for businesswomen and women entrepreneurs from all over the Mediterranean region. Its goals are: to strengthen gender equality, to empower women economically, to promote women entrepreneurship, to facilitate the access of women to decision-making positions in the economy, and to promote the development of relations between Mediterranean businesswomen and women entrepreneurs. Contact: President: Mª Helena de Felipe Lehtonen,; Giulia Fedele, C/ Muntaner 340 1º 1ª 08021 Barcelona (Spain), Tel:

    AIDDAAIDDA (Association of women entrepreneurs and business leaders), has been founded in 1961 Turin and is very active in the field of female entrepreneurship. It is active through its 16 regional delegations and represents about 1,500 companies, mostly SMEs, with about 200,000 employees.

    AIDDA’s members are women who work in different fields, from trade (30%) industry (32%), to clothing, food, furniture, chemicals, construction, publishing, engineering, services (30%, from insurance to the advertising industry ) agriculture (6%) and craft (2%).

    Contact:  President: Franca AUDISIO,

  • Kagider

    KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey)KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) was founded in Istanbul in September 2002 by 38 successful women entrepreneurs and counts today 200 members. KAGIDER’s mission is developing entrepreneurship among women in Turkey to strengthen their economic and social status.

    KAGIDER conducts several projects, provides incubation and mentorship support and organizes training programs for women entrepreneurs, with the goal to strengthen women’s entrepreneurship and increase the number of women entrepreneurs in Turkey, as well as creating awareness among young girls.

    In 2009, KAGIDER opened its new Woman Development Centre, which provides financial and banking consultancy services, incubation and mentorship support, entrepreneurship and leadership trainings and seminars, as well as a networking venue to women entrepreneurs.

    KAGIDER is the first woman NGO in Turkey, which has a representative office in Brussels. Established in March 2008, KAGIDER EU Brussels office has implemented several successful projects and puts her efforts on building a sustainable dialogue with the several EU institutions, including the Parliament and the Commission.

    Contact: Aslihan Tekin,

    Istanbul Head Office: 19 Mayıs Cad. No: 47-57 A Residence, K:1 D:20 34360 Şişli İstanbul, Tel: (0212) 266 82 61

    Brussels office: Avenue des Gaulois, 13 ; 1040 Brussel, tel: +32 2 736 40 47

  • Be Win

    BE WINBe Win, created in September 2011, is a networking portal for women entrepreneurs creating a meeting place as well as a tool at the disposal of women wishing to make and develop business contacts. It is also a portal enabling women entrepreneurs to exchange experiences and share opportunities. The main objective of the project is to promote women’s entrepreneurship and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of women entrepreneurs.

    Be Win is a project co-financed by the European Commission.

    Contacts: Grazia Rendo,; Maria Carmela Trapani,  
  • FCE- VVB

    fcevvbThe Belgian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and business owners (FCE- VVB) was created in 1948. Its activities at national and international level aim at promoting the development of women’s entrepreneurship by enhancing the visibility of women entrepreneurs, defending their interests towards governments and institutions, promoting values of solidarity, friendship and cultural understanding, exchanging experience and knowledge, as well as helping in business development, creation of partnerships and skills improvement. The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs counts more than 40 member countries.

    FCE- VVB counts 6 regional offices (in Brussels, Liege, Namur, Flanders, Wallonia, and Luxembourg Province). This network is a wealth of expertise and know-how which gives to women entrepreneurs a cluster based on individual skills and business experts’ knowledge.

    Contacts: Wallonia: Bernadette Paques,

    Flanders : Christiane De Maeyer,

    Head office : Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Bruxelles

  • Nöi Erdek

    Noi Erdek - Hungarian Women's LobbyNöi Erdek, the Hungarian Women’s Lobby, was established in 3rd October, 2003 in Budapest. Currently HWL has 19 member organisations from all over Hungary. Its goal is to promote the full-scale implementation of gender equality in Hungarian society, to reconcile, represent and enforce the interests of women with respect to equal treatment, and to challenge all forms of discrimination and violence against women. The Hungarian Women’s Lobby is also very involved in the promotion and improvement of female entrepreneurship. Contact: Katalin Keveházi,
  • Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Europe


    JA Europe is Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education programmes, reaching 3.2 million students in 39 countries in 2014. Funded by businesses, institutions, foundations and individuals, JA brings the public and private sectors together to provide young people in primary and secondary schools and early university with experiences that promote the skills, understanding and perspective that they will need to succeed in a global economy. The JA Company Programme is recognised by the European Commission Enterprise Directorate General as a ‘Best Practice in Entrepreneurship Education’. JA Europe is the European Regional Operating Center for JA Worldwide®


    Contact: Tel: +32 2 735 97 20  
  • International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

    logo2-international-network-of-wea_vInternational Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors which continues our project the Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, based on the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (European Commission’s project from 2009).

    In cooperation with the Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors we create new associations (non for profit) in different regions of Poland. All associations accepts the same mission, the same goals and all of a new associations have the same name with additional regional differentiator.

    All our new associations are working together under new umbrella organization which is the Federation of Associations "International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors". We plan to establish a new independent association in each region of Poland which will be 16 associations by the end of 2016. We grow internationally through the creation of similar organizations in different countries around the world. Currently, we are working on registration and development of a new associations in Ukraine (Kiev, Ternopil) and in USA (Miami).

    International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors – Federation of Associations Address: 45-079 Opole, Kosciuszki 22/5 Poland; Founder and President Urszula Cioleszynska mail:;

Non-founding members

  • Women in Business Romania

    Women in Business RomaniaWomen in Business Romania (Femei in Afaceri), founded in 2009 by Alice Botnarenco, is a portal with the newest information in the Romanian and international business environment, a source of inspiration for women interested in their professional lives as well as a platform for promoting women and the businesses they run. The organization set out as an active source of information about the business environment through news, events, and inspirational interviews with experienced or new businesspeople and, over the time, several hundred businesswomen and women working in companies joined as members of the organization.

    Contact: Alice Botnarenco, Women in Business Romania’s President,

  • Association of Business Women in Serbia

    ABW-logo-300x225Association of Business Women in Serbia is a strong, well-known and respected partner in public-private dialogue, contributing to social and economic development, with a special focus on female entrepreneurship as a factor of economic growth. Association of Business Women in Serbia is the largest national organization for female entrepreneurs. We are the leading force in organizing women in business, providing first-class support and promotion of female entrepreneurs, advocating improvement of the business climate and actively fostering networking on a local, regional and international level.

    Address:  11060 Beograd, Volgina 15 Serbia

    tel/fax: +381 11 6776 801


  • GoGlobal236

    goglobal236_logoGoGlobal236- Global Network of Women Mentors to Start-ups - was born in May 2015 by the initiative of Katarina Jogic, an active entrepreneur based in Croatia. The Global Network of Women Mentors to Start-ups  involves 73 mentors in 69 countries around the world. A group of enthusiasts who are willing to share their experiences, ups&downs, advices and most of all to motivate young talented people to start new businesses.



  • PWN (Professional Women’s Network) Madrid


    PWN Madrid is a member of PWN Global, a dynamic fast-growing offline and online networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries. With more than 3500 members and more than 90 nationalities, their volunteer-led organisation delivers over 600 events a year in their community of 25 city networks. They welcome you to their events; as a mentor or mentee; to explore rich knowledge and resources; to learn, grow and leave your legacy, whilst volunteering across the Federation.

    CONTACT:  Isabel Raventos Email:  or

                                                                                       Karin Trivière,  Email:

  • At Grate ne Biznes


    GrGratenebiznesatë në Biznes / Women in Business/ is established as a response to women’s needs in Kosovo, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship and business. Women in Business provides services and support for the women who have ideas or initiatives to start a business, including those who have informal businesses and women who have already established their businesses and need to develop them further, according to their capacities and their targets for the new markets.  Supporting of the individual businesses and creating one platform for networking and cooperating of women’s businesses and other actors of the market, Gratë në Biznes, believe that they will make a step towards bright perspectives for business women and new enterprisers.
    +381 (0) 38 222 624
  • Women @Work

    women-workWomen @Work Italy is an Italian cultural association that aims to promote women's entrepreneurship in a new way and provides support to all women entrepreneurs or would-be professional in their path. Contacts:

    Address: Via Matteotti 38 Camburzano (BI) 13891 Italy

  • The Women’s Economy


    The Women’s Economy is a brand of the Women’s Business Development Agency (WBDA), an internationally recognized women’s enterprise organisation which for the last 25 years, has helped women across Europe to start and grow their businesses. They train trainers and mentors across Europe in women-focused business support and are the lead partner in the Imagining Growth Initiative, which has been developing growth, investment readiness and access to finance programmes for women in Italy, Spain and Poland.

    Contacts: Sally Arkley, E-mail: For more information about The Women’s Economy go to:

  • Women’s Business Initiative International


    The Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII) is a community of entrepreneurial women. Through active collaboration, both online and in-person, members create a professional platform for promotion of their work as well as a dynamic network for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

    The WBII network has become an invaluable resource for small business owners and connects you to other relevant business resources and networks.

    Contacts:Charlene Lambert at and

  • APID


    L’APID - Imprenditorialità Donna is a women entrepreneurs association entitled to run SMEs in partnership with API (Associazione Piccola Industria) from Turin. The association aims to promote and develop the female entrepreneurship, to improve and endorse women in human and professional resources.

    APID is regrouping enterprises associated to API Torino from different productive sectors and it is a strategic reference point to promote a wiser entrepreneurial culture, endorsing networking actions between associations, enterprises and authorities in order to build up a better system to support women in entrepreneurship.


    Via Pianezza nr 123, 10151, TORINO (IT) Telephone: 011/ 45.13.282

  • Women Business NI

    wib%20final%20logo%20landscapeWomen Business NI, is the largest and fastest growing business network for female entrepreneurs and business leaders in Northern Ireland. Established in 2002, the network has 1000 members spread throughout all industry sectors. Each month members benefit from business networking events with inspirational speakers, intimate business lunches and master classes in a range of topics delivered by industry experts.  Events are delivered across Northern Ireland giving members the opportunity to make broader business connections. The Purpose of Women in Business NI is to increase the number of business women in Northern Ireland who contribute positively to the economy and society. The Women in Business NI vision is to positively impact every members business.

    Contact: Marie-Clare McCabe

    ODIMMThe Moldavian organization ODIMM works in coordination with the Moldavian Ministry of Economy, local authorities and business providers. Created in 2007, it aims at enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy by supporting the development of SMEs.

    Its objectives are the creation of opportunities for business creation, especially in rural areas, the transmission of entrepreneurial skills, support in access to finance, and support in the access to information.

     Contact: Lulia Labanji

  • The Next Billion


    At The Next Billion we're building the world's 1st impact-driven crowdfunding platform inspired by the principles of impact investing and venture philanthrophy. Where the onus is on value creation, capacity building, women's economic empowerment and financial inclusion. Where female entrepreneurs and female led-enterprises are the primary focus for investment. We're dedicated to helping female-led enterprises raise the necessary capital needed to start, scale, grow and lead successful and economically sustainable businesses.

    Contact: Babou Olengha-Aaby

  • Yrittäjänaiset

    yrittajanaiset3The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Finland (Suomen Yrittäjänaiset) was set up in 1947 and is one of the few central bodies of women entrepreneurs in the world. Yrittäjänaiset’s goal is to promote the economic, social and operating conditions of women entrepreneurs and to take part in activities encouraging private enterprise in co-operation with other organisations and groups. In practice, this means using active influence at national, regional and municipal level.

    At present, the Women Entrepreneurs of Finland has more than 70 member associations and about 7.000 individual members. The widest percentage of business sector represented by Yrittäjänaiset is retail trade (32%) and then B to B and social and personal services (18% and 17%, respectively).

    Contact: Marju Silander

    Vuorikatu 4, 00100 Helsinki, Finland